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The hotel / Forum venue is located 21.1 km from Carrasco International Airport. It is opposite the Plaza Independencia, with easy access to various attractions such as the Rambla, the Mother Church and the Old Town. It is also close to several multinational companies and financial institutions.
Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza Hotel

Plaza Independencia 759
Teléfono:  +598-2902-0111
Fax:  +598-2902-1628

Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza Hotel

Category: 4*
Address: Plaza Independencia 759, Montevideo
Telephone:  +598-2902-0111
Web site:
Cc :
Rates subject to availability: USD 145-155 (€136-146 approx.)
*Rates may change
Event venue

Holiday Inn Montevideo Hotel & Convention Center

Category: 4*
Address: Colonia 823, 11100 Montevideo
Telephone: +598- 2902-0001 int. 126
Web site:
Distance to the venue: 110 meters, within walking distance
Rates subject to availability: USD 85 (€80 approx.)
*Rates may change

Hotel NH Columbia

Category: 4*
Address: Rambla Gran Bretaña, 473, 11000 Montevideo
Telephone: +598-2916-0001
Distance to the venue: 850 metros, se puede ir andando
Rates subject to availability: 74.40 USD (70 € approx.) *Rates may change

Hotel Presidente

Category: 3*
Address: Av. 18 de Julio 1038, 11100 Montevideo
Telephone: +598-2908-2300
Web site:
Distance to the venue: 650 metros, se puede ir andando
Rates subject to availability: 68 USD (64 € approx) *Rates may change

Sheraton Montevideo Hotel

Category: 5*
Address: Víctor Solino 349, Montevideo
Telephone: +598-27102121
Web site:
Rates subject to availability:
(130-250 € aproximado)
* Rates may change

Main Airports:

Carrasco Gral. Cesáreo L. Berisso International Airport is the main airport of Montevideo, where international flights are operated. It is 21.1 km from the event venue. Taxis, remises and rental car companies are easy to find at the airport. There are also foreign exchange bureaus. It is an small airport; the information centre is on the first floor, and you can request for help in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Punta del Este Airport

The international airport C/C Carlos A. Curbelo is located 20km from Punta del Este (the main coastal recreational area in Uruguay, and an important business district). It is 117 km away from the venue. International flights are operated from this airport, and it is an important hub for private flights.


Direct flights from Europe to Montevideo:

From Paris:  AIR FRANCE


Airlines with connecting flights to Montevideo:


From Brussels:  AIR EUROPA / IBERIA



From Helsinki: IBERIA


Conditions of entry in the country

In order to enter Uruguay, citizens from the European Union countries only need a valid passport (it is the identification document needed during their stay). No visa is required for stays in the country up to 90 days. Whereas Mercosur citizens may enter the country with the identification document from their countries of origin, and as EU citizens, no visa is required to enter the country. Please check here for other nationalities.

If you are travelling with underage children, Uruguay only requires the children’s valid passport.


Customs formalities in Uruguay are simple and expeditious. They are carried out upon arrival to the national airport, at the customs offices before exiting to the arrival area. Passengers cannot take some articles into the country (except if they are imported and subject to the required veterinary and sanitary controls), most of these articles are animal or vegetal products. When entering the country with high value assets, these should be declared. When travelling to Uruguay, unlike some other Latin-American countries, it is not necessary to be vaccinated against any kind of fever, plague or disease. For more information, please visit Uruguay Customs.There is in Uruguay (until 21st April 2017) a system to claim value added tax refunds (VAT) for foreigners’ purchases paid by electronic means.

Recommended means of transportation from the airport to the city centre

There is only one authorised company by the airport to provide taxi and shuttle services. When leaving the arrivals area, you will see the offices of this company, they have a very descriptive name in Spanish “Taxi Aeropuerto de Carrasco” Carrasco Airport Taxis). You can hire a taxi here, and it will take you to your destination, or the service can be booked in advanced calling to this phone number: +598-2604-0323, or by emailing Two kinds of transport are available: taxis for up to 4 people, approximated cost from the Airport to the event venue UYU 1480 (approx. €49), and a shuttle van service for up to 17 people, the cost for the same distance would be UYU 400 per person (approx. €13.24). Rides are not metered, so we would suggest you to ask for the price to your exact destination in advance.


Remises (cars with driver service)  are another option, they are similar to taxis but more professional like, and you can ask the company to send you a driver who can speak your language. For instance, you can hire one remise for one hour at approximately UYU 16 (€15 approx.).

By bus

Several bus companies operate in Montevideo, serving the entire metropolitan area. There is a bus stop at the airport, outside arrivals. The main metropolitan bus terminal is Baltasar Brum (also known as Río Branco Terminal), it is located at the south of the port promenade, 1 km from the event venue. A single ticket costs UYU 55 (approx. €1.82)

By Ferry from Argentina

Another possibility for travelers who are heading to Montevideo from nearby Buenos Aires is to take the high-speed ferry operated by Buquebus. A single ticket, economy class, costs about UYU 3000 (€99 approx.) and takes around two hours. There are several boats a day. The ferry arrives to the Ciudad Vieja district of Montevideo, 2 km from the Radisson Hotel.

Currency and banking

The Uruguayan Peso ($) (ISO Code: UYU) is the official currency. Bank notes are available for the following values: $2,000; $1,000; $500; $200; $100; $50; $20 while coins come in the following: $10, $5, $2 $1 and $50. Uruguay imposes no restrictions on import / export of any local or foreign currency. Cash and traveler’s cheques are best exchanged at banks or at foreign exchange offices. Some hotels also provide currency exchange services, though rates are not always favourable. Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) may be found throughout the country.

Participants are strongly recommended to have cash in the local currency (Uruguayan pesos) for their personal expenses as well as a credit card for use in emergencies.

The exchange rate for the Uruguayan Peso is approximately  €1 = UYU30.

Interpreting Services

During the Forum first day, on 21st June, there will be Spanish and English  simultaneous interpreting both ways. This service is offered so every participant can access all the contents in the beginning of the different activities.


The climate in Uruguay is mild, moderate and rainy. It is the only South-American country completely located in the temperate zone. The annual average temperature is around 62.6 ºF, while highs and lows may vary widely. Highest temperatures are in January and February, and lowest in June and July. Rapid temperature changes are common any time during the year.

Winter begins on 21st June, unlike in the Northern hemisphere. This season is the coldest, with lowest temperatures (between 39.2 ºF and 59ºF) and highest humidity rates.

Travel Agencies

There are several recommended travel agencies, both for international travel and local tourism services.

Abtour Viajes
Address: Río Negro 1394 – 4th Floor. Montevideo
Telephone: +598- 2908-5000
Web site:

Seven’s Travel
Address: Plaza Cagancha 1335 Mezzanine. Montevideo
Telephone: +598- 2902-2772
Web site:

Planet Travel
Address: Rio Negro 1320 Piso 1. Montevideo
Telephone: +598- 2900-1514
Web site:

Jorge Martínez
Address: Colonia 949, Montevideo.
Telephone: +598- 2902-6868
Web site:

Toc Toc Viajes
Address: No office.
Telephone: +598- 2908-5555
Web site:

Practical information:

Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay: Offers sightseeing recommendations, tourist information and brochures.

Address:  Rambla 25 de Agosto de 1825 s/n (corner Yacaré pedestrian street), Montevideo
Telephone:  +598 2188 5100