10 reasons to Invest in Uruguay

  1. Political, legal and social stability

Uruguay has a democratic system with institutional and legal continuity that guarantees a favourable business climate and respect for the rules of the game.

  1. Macroeconomic stability

Between 2004 and 2015, Uruguay grew by an average of 5% annually, consolidating more than a decade of sustained growth.

  1. Access to an expanded market

Uruguay is part of Mercosur and has an FTA with Mexico, making it a gateway to a potential market of 400 million people.

  1. Benefits to the investor

Uruguay offers important incentives for foreign and national investment, both in terms of taxation and in terms of Free Trade Zones, and Free Port and Airport regimes, among others.

  1. Ease of doing business

Uruguay has improved the efficiency of state processes, the speed of customs procedures and the smoothness of international trade operations.

  1. Modern Logistics

With its first-class port infrastructure, its road network and a Free Port regime, Uruguay is Mercosur’s best logistical platform and an advantageous distribution centre for goods in transit.

  1. Leader in technology

Uruguay leads the ICT Development Index in Latin America (ITU). Likewise, it is the country with the highest download speeds in the region, thanks to its modern infrastructure (Akamai – 2016).

  1. Competitive national talent

As the first country to implement One Laptop per Child, Uruguay enjoys full digital inclusion, free education, widespread fluency in English and Portuguese, and universal access to public university.

  1. Efficient energy policy

Uruguay is the Latin American country with the greatest investment in clean energy and is a world leader in electricity production from wind energy. In the country, 95% of electricity is generated from renewable sources, with more than 20% coming from wind farms.

  1. Excellent quality of life

Montevideo has the best quality of life in Latin America (Mercer, 2016) and Uruguay is the country with the highest incomes and best income equality in the region.

Strategic location

Uruguay occupies a strategic position as a gateway to MERCOSUR, with two of its main ports, Montevideo and Nueva Palmira, located at the mouth of the Paraná-Paraguay-Uruguay waterway.

Its time zone is located between the United States and Europe, which is of great benefit when providing global services to the region and around the world.

Uruguay, capital of Mercosur, is a country recognized for its long tradition of institutional, political and legal stability.

The Uruguayan State promotes long-term investment policies and this has been a key reason why Uruguay has benefited from sustainable macroeconomic growth in recent decades.

In Latin America, the country spearheads the indices of Democracy, Low Corruption, Prosperity and Rule of Law. In the region, it ranks second in the Freedom of the Press Index and third in the indices of Global Peace and Economic Freedom.

According to the latest World Bank Report, Uruguay is the best MERCOSUR country in which to do business, ranking 92nd among 189 countries in the world. The presence of the European Chambers of Commerce has a long history in Uruguay.

As a gateway to MERCOSUR, the country provides the opportunity to access a market of more than 400 million people. The State provides benefits such as tax incentives, business facilities, speed in customs procedures, and fluidity in international trade operations. Uruguay also offers modern logistics, with first-rate port and airport infrastructures.

Companies established in the country benefit from the latest technology. Uruguay leads the ICT Development Index in Latin America and is the country with the highest download speeds in the region. In addition, thanks to the One Laptop per Child programme, Uruguay enjoys full digital inclusion. Education in Uruguay is free and public universitiesare accessible to all.

Currently, the country has more than 400 European companies, representing 26% of the foreign companies established in the country. The origin of the first chamber of commerce, the French Chamber of Commerce in Montevideo, dates back to 1882. The European Union is the largest investor in Uruguay. Among the major sectors of interest in the country are investments in pulp, logistics, agriculture, tourism, pharmaceuticals, renewable energies, financial services, and telecommunications.

In recent decades, the Uruguayan State and the private sector have worked together and the country currently has outstanding investment opportunities, mainly in the sectors of infrastructure and renewable energies, business services, communication technologies, and agri-business.

The Uruguayan Technological Laboratory (LATU) certifies products in accordance with international norms and standards.

Uruguay is the Latin American country with the greatest investment in clean energy and is a world leader in electricity production from wind energy. In the country, 95% of electricity is generated from renewable sources, with 30% coming from wind farms.


Leader in Foreign Direct Investment

In terms of GDP, Uruguay is one of the main recipients of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and reinvestment of profits in Latin America.Among other advantages, the following are the most significant:

  • There are no restrictions on the repatriation of profits
  • Unrestricted access to the foreign exchange market
  • A single tax system throughout the country
  • No local co-operation partner is required, nor prior authorization or registration
  • Equal treatment for foreigners and locals

There are no limits for foreign capital endowment in companies.

Business Facilities

Uruguay has a wide range of incentives adapted to the various areas of business activity to be undertaken in the country.

  • Investment promotion scheme (Investment Law) – reimbursement of between 20% and 100% of the amount invested
  • Free Zones – 100% tax-free for users
  • Temporary admission of raw materials and inputs

It is the only South American country with a Free Airport regime, besides being the only nation on the South American Atlantic coast with a Free Port regime.


Trust and stability

Uruguay is a country with a high investment rating and endorsed by the main credit-rating agencies: Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, Fitch Ratings and DBRS.

Prioritized sectors

Infrastructure and renewable energies

Uruguay is one of the main recipients of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the region. In the period 2005–2015, FDI averaged 5% of GDP.

Uruguay offers a favourable business climate, great social stability, with fiscal incentives for investors and strong corporate responsibility.

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Business Services and Information Technology

Uruguay has established itself as a favoured destination for the location of corporate centres, which use the country as a “regional hub”. BASF, Trafigura, Finning CAT, Sabre, Abbott, and Syngenta are some of the multinational corporations that have chosen Uruguay as the base for their Regional Corporate Centres.

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Uruguay is part of the main food exporting region of the world (along with Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay). In turn, the country has comparative advantages in international food production.

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